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Girl with a green flower in her hand. A blonde with red lipstick and a silk T-shirt straightens her hair. Nude makeup A brunette with wavy hair lies in a white T-shirt on a white fur coat. A girl in a chiffon dress a gray background. Tender look. A blonde girl with a decorative red wreath on her head and in a red silk top. Girl in a chiffon dress covers her face with a scarf Romantic girl with long hair in a straw hat and a red dress. Woman with retro telephone. Stylish advertisement for a beauty salon. Girl in a long red dress with sleeves in a fairy forest. The Snow Queen. Portrait woman with natural makeup in air drape on a white background. Girl with natural makeup in air drape on a white background. A young woman with a bottle of perfume. Nude makeup. Long wavy hair. The woman's face behind a transparent curtain. Jewelry with pearls. Romantic woman behind a sheer curtain in pearl earrings. Tanned girl in a red silk dress and with red lipstick drinks a red drink. Luxury woman in white satin dress and in fur coat. The Snow Queen. Slender woman in a white silk dress and a white fur coat.