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Close-up of a woman's face. Red lipstick. Fingers in the paint. A young brunette woman with tanned skin stands on an exotic background among tropical leaves. Shopaholic. Blonde girl with bright bags and paper bags in the studio on a white background. Girl with wet hair in sunglasses on the background of a sandy beach. Luxurious woman in a leopard-print blouse. Large gold jewelry. Сherry cake. Girl in a white towel and with gold patches on face. Hydrogel patches. Close Up female hand holds a sunflower flower on a yellow background. Female lips with red lipstick on a multicolored striped background. Smile. Purchases. Girl with tan skin and wet hair in a bright red swimsuit on a yellow background. Girl with tan skin in a bright red swimsuit on a yellow background. Woman's face with multicolored stripes from a projector in the dark. Body art. Young woman with multi-colored stripes on her body from a projector in the dark. Tanned girl in a red silk dress and with red lipstick drinks a red drink. Woman in a yellow skirt and a black corset with to bright shopping bags. Luxurious woman in a blouse with a leopard print. Cake on a gold plate. Stylish girl with bright shopping bags on white background. Female eye and hand in holes in yellow paper. Gold nail polish. Woman's face with bright multicolored makeup, pink lipstick. Portrait of a woman with clean smooth skin and variegated makeup. Close-up of a female face with golden makeup. Gold eyeshadow. Girl's face with bright makeup. Yellow eyeshadow. Close-up of the face of young girl with colorful makeup. Decorative cosmetics. Glass cup in a female hand on a yellow background. A girl with bright orange makeup holds a half of an orange in front of her face. Fashionable girl with a beautiful tan on the background of a blue clear sky.