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Beautiful young woman with a lace scarf around her neck on a blue background. Blond woman with red lipstick in gold jewelry studio on a white background. Girl with bright makeup and red lipstick. Large gold jewelry. A woman with bright makeup and in the jewelry made of precious stones on her arms and neck. Young woman in jewelry with bright makeup and white towel on her head. Young woman with red lipstick on her lips. Pearl jewelry - earrings, bracelet, necklace. Woman with white flowers in her hair. Pearl necklace on the girl's neck. A tanned woman in a tall turban and silver jewelry. Ethno style. Close-up of a woman's face. Burgundy lipstick. A woman in a red hat and a red dress with a precious necklace. Portrait of a girl with bright makeup. Metallic green shadows Woman face profile. On the neck there is an adornment with a crystal. Woman with flowing wavy hair and bright make-up. Woman in a red with luxury jewelry. A girl in a green shiny dress in expensive jewelry and a hat on her head. Portrait of a beautiful young blue-eyed girl with jewelry. A dark-skinned young woman and a large pearl necklace. Beautiful voluminous long silky braid. Girl with long hair.