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Close up woman face among tropical leaves. Portrait of a young fair-skinned red-haired girl with a bouquet of flowers near her face. Portrait of a young woman with red hair and a bouquet of wild flowers near her face. Young woman with natural makeup surrounded by tropical plants. Young woman with bright makeup in the jungle. Girl with red lipstick on red grass. Young woman in eucalyptus branches. Young woman with lush curly red hair. Hair care. Tanned girl among tropical leaves. Young woman with tanned skin among thickets of tropical plants and orchid flowers. Tanned girl in gold jewelry with bright makeup among tropical plants. Close-up of a girl's face with bright makeup among tropical leaves. A young woman lies on the grass with yellow flowers. The girl among the dandelions. Portrait young woman with bright makeup and red lipstick  among the flowering bushes. Girl with nude makeup lies surrounded by pink roses. Tanned woman with wet hair. Eco cosmetics. Tanned girl with wet hair holds exotic leaves near her face. Girl with small white flowers. Natural makeup and wet hair. Woman with nude makeup on a background of exotic plants and orchids. Close Up female hand holds a sunflower flower on a yellow background. Tanned woman with wet hair and wet skin in the jungle in the rain. Tanned girl with wet hair and wet skin in the jungle in the rain. Female lips with pink lipstick and a pink rosebud in the mouth. Woman among wildflowers. Voluminous hairstyle and nude makeup. Girl model stands against the backdrop of a blooming garden. Beautiful young woman among a blooming garden with white flowers. Girl lies on the grass among white flowers. Advertising of natural cosmetics.