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A girl with a slender figure in a beige tracksuit. Blonde girl with red lipstick on her lips and with a big red heart-shaped balloon. Blond woman with red lipstick in gold jewelry studio on a white background. Tanned girl in gold jewelry with wet hair and smokey eyes makeup in the jungle. Tanned girl with wet hair holds exotic leaves near her face. Girl in a white towel and with gold patches on face. Hydrogel patches. Profile of a young dark-haired girl with sunflowers in her hair on a yellow background. Red-haired girl with long lush hair. Freckles on the girl's face. Tanned woman with wet hair and wet skin in the jungle in the rain. Tanned girl with wet hair and wet skin in the jungle in the rain. Young woman portrait. Hands in red paint. Body art. A tanned girl in the jungle among exotic plants. The shadow of the blinds on the girl's face. Young woman in jewelry with bright makeup and white towel on her head. Profile of an African woman with lush hair on a black background. Woman with white flowers in her hair. Pearl necklace on the girl's neck. Portrait of a girl with pink makeup on red background. Pink lipstick.