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Close-up of a girl's face with bright yellow makeup. Pink lipstick. Pink nails, manicure. Decorative cosmetics. Yellow eyeshadow. Blonde with bright colorful makeup inflates a bubble of gum. Young cheerful tanned woman and multicolored ice cream. Blue hair. Smokey eyes. Natural makeup. Close-up of a woman's face. Burgundy glossy lipstick. Multi-colored makeup. Blue green eye shadow on the eyelids. Collar made of black feathers. A woman in a bright headscarf and a black cloak. Face with bright makeup and red lipstick. Portrait of a woman with clean smooth skin and variegated makeup. Young woman with two ponytails and bright makeup on her face. Colored eyeshadow. Daring style. Woman's face with bright multicolored makeup, pink lipstick on her lips. Fingers with multi-colored nail polish near the face. Face of a young woman with red lips and painted hands in blue and pink glitter paint. A woman with nude makeup and a white dress is lying among white, pink rose petals. Woman with bright makeup and burgundy lipstick on a multi-colored metal background. A girl with bright makeup in a yellow skirt and a black corset sits next to bright shopping bags in the studio on a white background. Young woman with multi-colored stripes on her body from a projector in the dark. Woman's face with multicolored stripes from a projector in the dark. Body art. The girl's face between two sheets of colored mirror paper. Multi-colored makeup. Close-up of a girl's face with bright makeup in pink, blue and lilac hydrangea petals. Pink lipstick with glitter. Female lips with red lipstick in a round hole on a multicolored striped background. Smile. Purchases. Close-up of a girl's face with dark glossy lipstick. Fashionable girl with a stylish haircut inflates a chewing gum. A tanned girl in a summer dress with black glasses stands against a bright yellow background. Profile of a woman's face with tanned skin and bright makeup on a yellow background. Profile of a woman's face behind translucent glass. Red lipstick on the lips. A woman with bright makeup and in the jewelry made of precious stones on her arms and neck. Adult girl with pink hair and pink makeup in black clothes with color prints.