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Girl in a shiny dress on a metal background. Smoky eyes makeup and red lipstick. Face of a girl with red hair and dark lipstick on a mirror-like metallic red background. Blond woman with red lipstick in gold jewelry studio on a white background. Luxurious woman in a leopard-print blouse. Large gold jewelry. Сherry cake. A blonde woman in a silver dress on a shiny background. A bottle of champagne. New Year. Party. Tanned girl in neon lighting. Pink shiny dress. Stylish girl in big dark glasses among neon light tubes. The girl's face between two sheets of colored mirror paper. Multi-colored makeup. Luxurious woman in a blouse with a leopard print. Cake on a gold plate. Woman with bright makeup on a metal background. High black shoes on a large platform with metal spikes. Beautiful unusual shoes.