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Girl face with natural make-up and tanned skin among tropical leaves. Brown-haired woman with nude makeup on a background of exotic plants and pink orchids. Girl with nude makeup and long blond hair in a pink dress lies surrounded by pink roses. Long-haired brown-haired woman with nude make up stands on a background of exotic plants and pink orchids. Face of a young tanned girl with pink lipstick and pink smoky eyes makeup. Female lips with red lipstick among paper backdrops of pink white and yellow color. A young woman with a bottle of perfume. Nude makeup. Long wavy hair. Stylish girl in big dark glasses among neon light tubes. Female lips with red lipstick on a multicolored striped background. Smile. Purchases. Close-up of a girl's face with bright makeup in pink, blue and lilac hydrangea petals. Pink lipstick with glitter. The girl's face between two sheets of colored mirror paper. Multi-colored makeup. A long-haired brunette girl with bright makeup in black sunglasses in a lilac raincoat holds a lilac retro rotary dial telephone in her hands. Female lips with pink lipstick in hole of shiny background. The woman's face in the blue paper. Blue eyeshadow. Glossy lipstick. Young woman with bright makeup on her face. Colored eyeshadow. Portrait of a woman with clean smooth skin and variegated makeup. Beautiful plump lips in a hole of colored paper. Glossy pink lilac lipstick. Close-up of a woman's face with plump lips. Dark lilac lipstick with glitter.