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Young woman in black male suit. Girl model in a black men's jacket in the studio on a gray background. The blonde in a gray plaid jacket with leather high boots sits in a tudia on a white background. Big gold earrings and red lipstick. A young woman in a bright yellow raincoat with black buttons and a yellow hat. Blonde with a retro hairstyle in black clothes and a man's jacket on a dark background. Military fashion. A girl in a military cap and a white leather jacket. Red lipstick. Stylish blonde in a denim jacket. Retro hairstyle. Bright makeup. Portrait of a brunette girl in black clothing in the dark. Makeup smoky eyes. A brunette woman in black sunglasses in a lilac raincoat holds a retro telephone. Woman in a leather jacket with a tattoo machine in her hands. A woman in a bright headscarf and a black cloak. Face with bright makeup and red lipstick. Blonde woman in black leather jacket. Makeup Smokey eyes. Girl in a red hat with a cocktail in her hands. Fashionable woman with bright makeup in a men's jacket. Business style. Red lipstick. Young blonde woman with short hair in a jacket on a dark background. Woman in a black hat and black leather jacket. The girl in a gold cap. Beautiful young girl with long bright braids. Cheerleader. Beautiful slim girl in a mens pantsuit and white shirt is sitting in a studio on a high chair.