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Young woman in a white summer dress and a straw hat. Girl with red lips to a red decorative wreath on her head on a red background. Young woman in a gray knitted hat. A young woman in a bright yellow raincoat with black buttons and a yellow hat. Young woman with bright makeup and red lipstick in a white fur coat with a hood. Military fashion. A girl in a military cap and a white leather jacket. Red lipstick. Woman in a yellow hat and yellow cloak holds a glass with a cocktail in her hands. Blonde girl in a straw hat. Red dress and red lipstick. Romantic girl with long hair in a straw hat and a red dress. Woman with retro telephone. Stylish advertisement for a beauty salon. Girl with a white towel on her head and a white moisturizing cream mask on her face. Girl with towel on her head and with moisturizer on her face. Profile of a young dark-haired girl with sunflowers in her hair on a yellow background. A romantic girl with natural makeup with long hair in a straw hat. Profile of a girl in a red hat with red lips in the dark. Retro style makeup. Young woman in jewelry with bright makeup and white towel on her head. A tanned woman in a tall turban and silver jewelry. Ethno style. Portrait of a woman in a black fur jacket and a black leather cap. Women in a white suit and a white hat. Female silhouette on a white background. Portrait of a girl in a luxurious fluffy winter hat. A woman in a bright headscarf and a black cloak. Face with bright makeup and red lipstick. Woman with bright makeup in a turban. Nose piercing. Woman in a black hat and black leather jacket. Young woman in a red hat and red jacket. Golden earrings. Woman in a beige long raincoat and gray hat. Woman in a beige long raincoat and hat in the studio. Woman in a red with luxury jewelry. A tanned girl in a summer dress with black glasses stands against a bright yellow background. Girl in jewelry in a white hat with a glass of cocktail in hand. The tanned girl in a summer dress and black glasses on a yellow background. The girl in a gold cap. Girl in white hat covers her face. Woman with red lipstick and big silver earrings.