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A girl in a light chiffon dress and with a translucent drapery on her face. The blonde in a gray plaid jacket with leather high boots sits in a tudia on a white background. Big gold earrings and red lipstick. Portrait of a brunette girl in a torn hole paper background. Dark lipstick on the lips. Large black arrows on the eyelids of the girl. Young woman in a gray knitted hat. Blonde with a retro hairstyle in black clothes and a man's jacket on a dark background. Young woman with bright makeup and red lipstick in a white fur coat with a hood. Stylish blonde in a denim jacket. Retro hairstyle. Bright makeup. The shadow of the blinds on the girl's face. Portrait of a woman with clean smooth skin and variegated makeup. Young woman with short hair on a gray background. Bob haircut. A woman with sleek, straight hair is combing her hair with a large golden comb. Portrait of a woman with clean skin of face and body. Smokey eyes with red shadows. Portrait of a girl with a bouquet of daisies. Natural cosmetic. Red nail polish. Red lipstick. The girl's face. Woman with bright makeup in a turban. Nose piercing. Woman in a black hat and black leather jacket. Young woman in long leather gloves. Stylish accessories. Woman with voluminous curly hair with pink eyeshadow. Woman in a black jacket in the studio on a gray background. Woman in a black jacket in the studio. Smoky eyes. Large square earrings. Bright smoky eyes makeup. Blue eyeshadow. Woman's face. Close-up of a woman's face. Nude makeup. Woman in a beige long raincoat and gray hat. Portrait of a girl with bright makeup. Metallic green shadows Woman face profile. On the neck there is an adornment with a crystal. Slender girl model in a red dress and red cloak in the studio.