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Woman with flowers near her face. Portrait of a young woman with red hair and a bouquet of wild flowers near her face. Young woman with daisies near the face Female lips among pink rosebuds. Water drops on flowers. Lip gloss. Portrait of a girl with natural makeup and wildflowers. Clean face skin. A female eye is among with buds of pink roses. Girl with small white flowers. Natural makeup and wet hair. A girl in a yellow dress holds a bouquet of yellow sunflowers near face. Profile of a young dark-haired girl with sunflowers in her hair on a yellow background. A girl in a yellow dress holds in her hands a bouquet of yellow sunflowers. Close-up of a girl's face in hydrangea petals. Pink lipstick. Bright makeup. Young girl with purple flowers. Skin care. Portrait of a girl with a bouquet of daisies. Natural cosmetic.