Welcome to FForester.


We strive to provide professional authors with the maximum amount of benefits from working with the resource. This applies to both the authors' income and their development and professional achievements.
We only accept applications from authors with professional experience and high creative and commercial potential of work.


How to become an FFORESTER contributor?

In order to become contributors on FForester you need:
- be a professional photographer, filmmaker or production studio
- have a portfolio available
- send a request to hello@fforester.com, subject message "Author".

How long does it take to process an application?

Consideration of the application takes about 1 month.
After consideration, you will receive a notification, as well as access to the author's personal account.

Is there any subsequent moderation of works on the FFORESTER platform for authors?

After you will be given access to your personal account, further moderation of your work is not provided.
In your outline, you will need to upload works that correspond to certain technical parameters.


What are the commissions for an author on the FFORESTER platform?

On our site you can choose any of 3 author levels. Each level has its own percentage of reward as well as certain conditions.
Authors' commissions start at 30% and end at 50%.
If you are a professional studio, you can ask for individual conditions.


Help for authors.

We keep in touch with each author through a personal account. We help him navigate in content production, analytics. We provide recommendations on the amount of content.
We maintain live communication to achieve the best possible joint result.


Let your creativity conquer the world!

Become part of the professional FForester community. Create and earn.