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Let's update ourselves!

Hello colleagues!
Happy New Year to you. We wish you strength and energy. May your business be successful and grow steadily!
And we will constantly help you with this and strive to provide a convenient and functional service.

Today we will tell you a little about three important updates on our resource.


1. Email distribution.

There will no longer be a stream of endless letters to your mail from us! If letters come, then only those related to transactions or the security of your data.

Now what? Choose !!! Or Whatsapp, or Telegram!

Now you can subscribe to our communities on Whatsapp or Telegram, where we will present promotions, sales, new stock content, as well as useful materials and platform updates.


2. Business blog about beauty and fashion. 

Yes, it is in this section that you are now reading this article. In this blog we publish only really interesting and useful articles, reviews of the beauty and fashion market, trends in digital advertising, opinions of industry experts.

All this in order to bring you even greater benefit to your beauty and fashion business!

3. Personal customer account just got easier.

Register and enjoy your creativity, and make purchases when you really need it. You can download images one by one or make a bulk purchase - the choice is yours!

Make your advertisement bright!

And as always, we are glad to communicate and new ideas! Feel free to email us -
Thank you for choosing us! We love you!