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Such a changeable fashion. What awaits us on the podium in the near future?

A little about fashion trends 2021

"Fashion brings happiness. It's joy. But not therapy." Now this phrase can be looked at from a different angle. Today, when the issue of therapy is being urgently addressed, we need joy more than ever, but one of the sources of this joy is now undergoing a certain transformation, being in limbo. Fashion industry ... how your look will change when the world exhales after the pandemic (and we believe in its end).

The widespread philosophical phrase "everything changes", we often perceived as a beautiful saying, but right now this thought has acquired a bodily form and we see how the world began to undergo changes at lightning speed, and in particular the fashion industry.

Already today the world has plunged into the depths of the online, replacing the real with the virtual. What we saw yesterday in science fiction films, read from science fiction writers, is now becoming reality. Virtual screenings are becoming the norm, shoppers have shifted to the bright side of online shopping, with influencer streams, workshops and seminars on TikTok all over the place - the number has taken over the throne with lightning speed. However, people locked in their homes and having had their fill of online life very quickly got enough and asked for freedom, in society. After all, adherents of digitalization should not forget that we are social beings (and even introverts☺), and no matter how much we are fed with everything that wears a prefix online ... sooner or later we still want the real - to feel, touch, breathe in a smell, be in the center of the action (physically).

Having gone through the experience of self-isolation, it has now become clear that people are not ready to exchange the physical for the incorporeal ...

 "Nothing can replace the energy of a living crowd" is a rather popular phrase now.

However, let's not forget that there are always advantages to any changes. And one of the most significant - people sitting at home began to consume less. Domesticism made it possible to think logically, to think before buying tenth jeans. Shopping has become less emotional and more thoughtful. And at this very time, designers also do not sit idly by, but make bold predictions, what kind of look the fashion will acquire after coming out of quarantine? The fact that it will no longer be the same is clear to everyone for a long time. Many agree that fashion will be more practical, while people will stop chasing rapidly changing novelties, and as we see such changes are already taking place in the luxury category. Recently, the famous fashion house Gucci announced that they will release only two collections a year instead of the usual five. And Giorgio Armani himself plans to release collections without reference to the seasons, as it was before. Well, it looks like we are on the verge of interesting changes that will definitely be reflected in the photos and video content.