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Closed? Open? What awaits beauty salons after a pandemic?

The beauty industry will bloom for sure.

Questions! Recently, we have received several of them. The world has been turned upside down and it seems that the long-awaited calm, virus-free time has yet to arrive. What awaits us tomorrow, what will happen to the economy, business, how will the virus affect various industries, including the beauty industry? Questions, questions, they are, but so far there are few answers, but there are several assumptions and forecasts.


The virus drove us all home, forced us to isolate ourselves, to work online, but the need to look good has not disappeared, especially among the fair half of humanity, since it is ladies who are the largest consumers of beauty procedures. Sitting at home, the nymphs suffered a bit, and remembered how to do manicures and dye their hair on their own. Beauty salons also do not doze off, trying to plunge into the online space and stay afloat, offering master classes on self-massage, instructions for face and body care. However, how long will this last?


Today we have to refuse many things, for example, forget about visiting restaurants for a while, and take up a chef hat and cook for ourselves. However, will such a move work with beauty salons? Of course, sugaring and manicure can be done at home, but what about procedures that are subject only to professional masters, for example a haircut.  As we recall, even during the war, hairdressers worked. And as we can already see, in many countries, kilometer long  queues have already begun  lining up for hairdressers, most likely this will wait for the other categories of salon procedures.


Of course, you should not expect that after returning to a post-pandemic life, where everything will be as it was before, the world will change and many people's attitudes towards consumption and services will change. Quarantine made us become more independent and economical, there is a possibility that many salon procedures will see a decrease  in demand, but it’s stupid to argue that there will be those for which after quarantine (and this is already happening) there will be a stir! Therefore, it is worth looking into the future with optimism, the most persistent salons that can adapt to the new time will remain afloat and will live. Perhaps there will even be an improvement in service in the struggle for each client! Strong players will remain, weak players will leave, and since demand creates supply, it needs advertising! Photos and videos for which you can easily find in the vast base of the FForester stock platform, because, as we recall, advertising is the engine of all sales.


We all, to be honest, want to be beautiful, and at the first opportunity we will return to the salons and put on makeup. In the end, a person needs joy and positive emotions!