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Beautiful young girl with lush hair in paradise garden. A luxurious dress, make-up. Pink flowers, large green leaves. young girl stands against the background of a blossoming tree. Red lipstick, white shirt, smooth hair, black belt. Woman among wildflowers. Voluminous hairstyle and bright makeup. Natural cosmetic. Woman with long curly hair in a black turtleneck, red lipstick, the girl's face. Woman with luxurious lush curly hair with pink. A woman's face with delicate makeup, pink eye shadow and beige lipstick on the lips Young woman with two ponytails and bright makeup on her face. Colored eyeshadow. Daring style. Beautiful young woman lies on the grass with yellow flowers. Dandelions. Natural makeup. A woman in a bright headscarf and a black cloak. Face with bright makeup and red lipstick.